Why we all need to hit refresh

While I’m a huge fan of Steve Jobs, I’ll be the first to admit that Bill Gates and Microsoft have made a bigger impact on computing and in changing the world than Apple.

Which is why I’m happy that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has succeeded in reinventing Microsoft and helping it rediscover its soul.

Hit Refresh” is the ninth book I’ve finished this year. Nadella shares his insights on leadership, culture, and technology as he talks about his journey from India to America, the ongoing transformation of Microsoft, and the ways mixed reality, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing will reshape human society.

“Democratizing AI means enabling every person and every organization to dream about and create amazing AI solutions that serve their specific needs. It’s analogous to the democratization that movable type and the printing press created. It’s estimated that in the 1450s there were only about thirty thousand books in Europe—each one handcrafted by someone working in a monastery. The Gutenberg Bible was the first book produced using movable type technology, and within fifty years the number of books grew to an estimated 12 million, unleashing a renaissance in learning, science, and the arts.”

A truly inspiring book. May we all hit refresh and rediscover our own purpose in life.

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