What is the Zen mindset?

Can you look at things as if seeing them for the very first time?

I often say that I’m just being Zen about things, or, maybe more accurately, Zen AF. Just getting through today’s horrible Friday night traffic required being Zen. And I’m not even home yet as I write this.

But what exactly is a Zen mindset?

Here’s what an article in Psychology Today has to say about it:

“With a Zen mindset, you can allow your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions to be what they are without judgment. Circumstances and situations are just occurrences that mean nothing until we place our own subjective ideas and emotions onto them. How we choose to focus our attention shapes how we experience a given situation. We must invite our thoughts and feelings to the forefront so we can learn from their wisdom. This is very different from suppressing them or impulsively reacting to them.”

It’s easier said than done, but a Zen mindset is something we can all aspire to.

So, yes, I’m being Zen. Zen AF, but still Zen.

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