It’s a kind of magic

This fascinating book by the brilliant scientist Richard Dawkins shows that science is far from boring, and is magical (poetic magic, not supernatural or stage magic) in its own right.

Magical because it is real, and not superstition or myth. Oh, and “The Magic of Reality” has illustrations from one of my favorite artists, Dave McKean. Yup, the same award-winning artist behind several covers of Hellblazer and Sandman, who was also involved in two Harry Potter movies.

I have always loved science. One thing that has filled me with awe since childhood is the reality that whenever we look at the night sky and gaze at all those distant stars, we are actually traveling back in time.

As Dawkins wrote:

“In a different sense, a telescope can work like a kind of time machine. What we see when we look at anything is actually light, and light takes time to travel. Even when you look at a friend’s face you are seeing them in the past, because the light from their face takes a tiny fraction of a second to travel to your eye.”

May science always fill us with childlike wonder, and may our thirst for knowledge never be quenched.

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