Happy Year of the Pig!

新年快乐! Xīn Nián Kuài Lè! Happy Chinese New Year!

Have you ever wondered why there are 12 Chinese zodiac animals? One legend involves the Jade Emperor.

Whether or not you believe in the Chinese zodiac and the forecast for your animal sign, Chinese traditions are definitely part of Philippine culture.

In fact, we have the world’s oldest Chinatown, Binondo, whose humble beginnings Esquire Philippines recounts in this article.

“To fully understand Binondo, we must look to the people who built it: the Chinese-Filipinos. Even before the arrival of the Spanish, the islands of the Philippines were already brimming with Chinese traders, their goods, and their influence. Mindoro was a known trade port to the Chinese, who noted the island on their maps as the Kingdom of Ma-i.

“Other states, such as the Rajanate of Butuan and the Kingdom of Tondo, had frequent trade with Chinese merchants. Chinese goods flowed from the port of Tondo and from there, across the archipelago. Wares reached as far as the Aeta tribes of the Cordillera in return for gold.”

May the Year of the Pig be an awesome one for you and your family!

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