Can CBS All Access save ‘One Day at a Time’?

I’m really hoping that “One Day at a Time” will have a fourth season.

It seems CBS All Access wants to come to the rescue of this beloved show, but will Netflix let it?

“Speaking at a March 28 industry event in Los Angeles about the importance of Latinx representation, One Day co-creator Gloria Calderón Kellett hinted at the conversations with other outlets, saying there were ‘interested parties’ exploring a deal for season four. She also confirmed Netflix’s contractual ability to keep the show from other streaming services — which she said lasts three years from the premiere of season three — represented a major stumbling block. ‘We are hopeful that maybe there can be special dispensations made so that that’s not the case, especially given Netflix’s tweet about supporting this community and loving the show,’ she said. ‘You know, if you love us, set us free, I say.'”

Come on, Netflix, do the right thing.

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